For Entrepreneurs + Innovative Leaders who want to Infuse more Creativity and Impact into New Ventures

Learn to develop your vision, connect meaningfully, and confidently launch outstanding products that create the cultural impact you crave.

With Bryn McCoy, Product Director to 37 of the Fortune 500

Hi, I’m Bryn McCoy.

Welcome to my learning lab!

As a serial entrepreneur who’s repeatedly started from scratch and made it to launch, I’ve designed a program to support creative entrepreneurs, startup founders, and progressive intrapreneurs to develop the creative leadership you need to get clear on your vision and build a roadmap to take you step-by-step into an impactful launch!

Before we go any further into course details, I just want to acknowledge that entrepreneurial adventures are so exciting + satisfying! 

It’s also very challenging to be simultaneously great at the intuitive creative + the management logistics, at the visionary selling + the operational details, at wearing all the hats to launch and scale a business + being a centered, mindful leader.

Eventually, you’ll have all the support, for now just know that I see you. I’ve been there. And I would love to be your guide!


By the end of this course, you’ll–

Identify empowering trends that create new opportunities in our product and service landscape.

Analyze product segments and community objectives that deliver enhanced consumer experiences through both innovative function and form.

Develop strategies for new product and service opportunities that satisfy your customers’ needs in distinctive, noteworthy new approaches.

Execute design tactics, production planning, and marketing strategy for a new product opportunity to target the modern market.


Notes from Experience

I worked with Bryn at the Oprah Winfrey Network to launch Brené Brown’s first online learning program. She brings an incredible drive to apply cutting-edge tech to solve problems. I’ve seen very few people that can seamlessly transition between design and engineering; Bryn went beyond that by combining her talents to help tell and teach important stories. 

–Alex D.

Bryn has the ability to listen to what I’m imagining. Me, a non-designer. And from that, she’s able to pull out the details that create something beautiful.

–Stephanie K.


With Bryn’s background in technology, art and design I know that she will tackle problems differently than anyone else in my network. This always results in a fresh perspective. I seek her out for problems that do not have a standard path towards a solution.

–Madison M.

Join me in my learning lab, 1 Lux

As a technologist, designer, business advisor, futurist, and design professor, I love to collaborate with other creative leaders to launch transformative products and brand experiences. In some of my favorite work, I’ve led interdisciplinary projects in design + technology with industry pioneers including IDEO, Motorola, Target, Threadless, IBM, and The Oprah Winfrey Network. I also co-founded Citizen Made, an award-winning product design and eCommerce platform. 

Join me in my learning lab, 1 Lux – where my program and product processes put people first, so you can successfully launch new work and deliver on your mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all the things I'll need to do in this program. Are you sure I can pull it off?

Yes! There’s always uncertainty in creativity. The commitment to keep showing up and doing the work, little by little, is what moves us forward. The ability to continually prioritize what’s important to us + the skills to keep listening and experimenting are all it takes. I am certain you can pull this off.

Will I need to invest in any other trainings to create and launch my product?

No, you’ve got this. If you’re willing to invest the time, you can continue to chip away at all the pieces needed to create and launch your product. I will also point you to helpful resources that can close gaps or speed the process of launching your product.

Do I need existing tech skills to make this work?

No, you can start where you are. We live in a remarkably creative time where the tools are plentiful and just keep getting simplified. You can experiment with lots options and adopt the tools that work best for you over the long haul.  

Class Registration is Closed for 2022

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