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There’s never been a better time to launch innovative, culturally relevant work. How do we build experiences, products and shops that stand out from the crowd? We make them meaningful.

Hi, I’m Bryn McCoy

I’m a psychologist, designer, creative leadership coach, and business advisor.  I love to collaborate with other creative leaders to launch transformative digital products and brand experiences.  In some of my favorite work, I’ve led interdisciplinary projects in design + technology with industry pioneers including IDEO, Motorola, Target, Threadless, IBM and The Oprah Winfrey Network. I also co-founded Citizen Made, an award-winning product design and ecommerce platform.  


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Retail Innovation (@Columbia)
Ecommerce Optimization (@Lux Lab)
Getting Started with Product Design (@Lux Lab)
Fashion + Wellness (@Columbia)
Coaching (@Lux Lab)

Retail Innovation at Columbia College

My first university course launches later this month! And naturally it’s about style and innovative ways to move a market.

The future of shopping and retail is right around the corner—will you be ready? This 8-week course will get you in the mindset of modern consumers and give you strategies to make an bigger impact with your audience. Learn how to leverage the power of big data, predict trends, and make the most of social media—all customized to the cultural shifts and shopping behaviors that are set to revolutionize retail.

Design for the Stretch

I’ve also been busy writing my first book! ‘Design for the Stretch’ is an exploration of my next frontier in experience design. What’s happening as we meet sentient machines capable of learning, teaching and solving problems?

As we leverage design and technology to deliver smarter things, richer experiences and more convenience, are we also enhancing our human experience–developing emotional intelligence and enabling personal growth?

How might we develop our work to optimize our human potential?

I also explore these topics + thoughts on design anthropology in my newsletter – The Archetype Journal.

Technofisch Design Studio

My studio work is dedicated to designing digital across all kinds of projects from entrepreneurial product ventures (service + app design) and small business web presence (marketing websites + ecommerce) to global enterprise (development of teams, design + research practices).

When you’re looking for help to build something better, let’s chat.

We just keep swimming.

Lux Lab

Most recently, I launched a design collective wondering about the human potential in AI. We have some dreams about the future and a bias toward action.

We’re having fun making things we care about –  predictive analytics, contextual messaging, chatbots and apps across devices to push the boundaries of personalization.



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