Many thanks for taking a little time to check out my work. There are few conversations I love more than those about experiments in design and technology.

Making Beautiful Software and Breaking New Ground

 Products  – many digital, some physical and lately a lot of omnichannel experiences – have long been my mode of cultivating values, making them real and sharing them with the community at large.

After several years as a software engineer with an eye for design, then many more as a designer with tech chops, eventually I’ve learned to see it all as a catalyst for moving human behavior. Given the typical generosity of spirit that comes with creativity, then coming of age in the SF Bay community and finally landing in Chicago where I’ve been honored to work with leaders in social good, it’s no surprise that I’m particularly obsessed with human potential bolstered by elegant technology.

Design exploration and new ventures in cultural product are my playground to experiment with betterment. What motivates people to do more, to be more? From fashion to artificial intelligence, how do we find our people and create cultural moments?

Collaboration with innovative changemakers is my happy place. My work runs the gamut from management consulting, startup advisory and design mentorship to brand, product and UX design. I love joining leadership teams to develop the design practice, and I thoroughly enjoy coaching individual creative contributors. Most recently I’ve joined Columbia College to help develop the fashion + technology program, and my first course on omnichannel retail innovation launched last spring. All this to say, I’m always happy to talk shop.


Let’s Work Together

If you’re thinking of launching a new venture, figuring out product challenges, wondering why people aren’t yet picking up what you’re laying down, experimenting with a brand refresh, or just want to chat about the future of culture and commerce, I would love to connect.


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