It will work.

The focus of my work is not only to develop a practice for product teams, but more importantly to validate that we’ll launch with momentum, find our people,  and create culture through our work – all the while streamlining processes to open more opportunity in our lives.

Using methods to hone vision, leadership, product strategy, and business insights,
we ensure that we’re solving the right problems so you can deliver on your mission.

My expertise as a design director, leadership coach, and design professor includes:

  • Business leadership
  • Startup advisory
  • Team management
  • Product research, design, testing and strategic iteration

I strongly believe in the power of purpose-driven work; it just makes the product better. You’ll find this from my past clients, and I hope you’ll experience it for yourself.

Want to to transform your business with innovative products? Let’s go!

Product Design Course

Product design is more than making the things. We’ll stretch beyond design and marketing tactics to strategically shape products, services, and customer experiences that enhance community.

If you’ve been daydreaming about opening up some opportunities in this new wild new world, let’s dive in and make it happen!

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Business Advisory

Management consulting, startup advisory and design mentorship for leadership teams to develop the design practice. Coaching for individual contributors to develop product craftsmanship + leadership skills. 


Project Consultation

Product–market strategy, design research, product design, prototyping, and management support to build your digital experiences – from digital products to service design.

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