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It will work.

The focus of my studio work is not only to build beautiful digital experiences, but more importantly to validate that we’ll launch with momentum, find our people,  create culture through our work, and streamline our processes to open more opportunities in our lives.

Through human-centered design methods,
we ensure that we’re solving the right problems.

We design, test, iterate and validate
that what we’re building will succeed in moving the needle.

The following featured projects were selected for this portfolio because they were robust engagements that required my role to be multidisciplinary. Since my responsibilities in these projects ran the gamut from strategic leadership, team management, product research, design, testing and iteration, they’re likely to give you a better understanding of my capabilities.

As head of design for ShopRunner, I was responsible not only for partnering with the head of product to lead the development of this new consumer product, but also building the team and design practice for the product and marketing team of the organization.


The relationship with Target began through my ecommerce startup, Citizen Made. We secured funding through a FastCo + Target accelerator to prototype a new consumer shopping app for Target, Lookbook. Work with Target continued into the v2 redesign of their Cartwheel app, in partnership with brand agency, Marian Williams Design.


As Motorola Mobility launched their new Moto Mods modular phone system, change ran deep not only through product and marketing design, but through the organizational ecosystem altogether. My work contributed to new product strategy, interface design, product customization and ecommerce optimization.


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Design Coach

Management consulting, startup advisory and design mentorship for leadership teams to develop the design practice, and  coaching for individual contributors to develop product craftsmanship + leadership skills. 


Project Consultation

Product–market strategy, design research and support to build your digital experiences – from digital products to service design.


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