Explorations in integrative health

Life sciences, healthcare, and innovative approaches to wellness get most of my attention these days. It’s really everything.  


My work to develop creative capacity led to a much deeper understanding in the holistic perspective on being human.

The blocks that impede our progress can be very challenging to identify and resolve. Whether they show up as muscular tension, inefficient patterns of movement, or subconscious fear + anxiety, their resolution leads us to a better flow all around.

The Mineral In Body app + smart mirror uses augmented reality to take a closer look inside. We identify the body’s tension then guide you through physical and mental stress management practices, nervous system attunement, and enhanced awareness.


Providers, payers, influencers + life science –

It’s a fascinating space. Innovation unfolds faster than ever before. I’ve been honored to play a small part in many projects that help shape our culture + support communities. And I’ve taken all the learnings over the years into a course I authored for Columbia College–


Wellness Product Design
Pharmaceutical textiles, cosmetic AI, wearable biometric monitors, materials neuroscience: some of the most exciting product developments in healthcare are coinciding with the fashion industry in the form of wellness-oriented apparel, accessories, and skincare.


My course introduces students to the array of emergent market intersections between fashion and wellness. It applies key concepts, design thinking techniques, and design ethics to support product development in this groundbreaking space.

A personalized mobile-first digital workplace grounded in core human needs

We designed and developed a modern, mobile-first experience that delivered on the primary goals of improving productivity, engagement and collaboration, but also addressed employees’ deeper needs for human connection, belonging, rewards & recognition, and a sense of shared purpose.


This is far beyond anything we have given our employees in the past.

- Catherine Hernandez, Kaiser Permanente

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