Your Shopping Wonderland

The new app from ShopRunner that puts all your favorite stores in one place with free 2-day shipping & returns.

Design Process

What might we do with the only fashion retail data set that could compete with Amazon?


We started with design research to find the intersection between our data and technology strategy, market viability and what our users desired in a new service.

Not only did we find that there’s ample opportunity to delight users when we’re talking about personalized style products, we also found that they’re quite generous in sharing information through both initial and incremental surveys to gather personal details. Test participants were easily engaged through extensive onboarding questions, and willing to share preferences through integration with social media platforms.

One of our most interesting insights: customers expect curation; they’re aware that algorithms are responsive to their interactions in digital products and feel most confident when we clearly communicate when and how their content is affected by our algorithms.

Design director: Bryn McCoy
Design lead: Lane Fujita
Research lead: Autumn Schultz

From our qualitative study of over 450 shoppers, we identified the shopping triggers that’d inform our app design.

The proof of concept we took into testing featured editorial content with the personalized product feed, faceted visual search and social sharing of user-curated product collections.

Then just in time for holiday shopping, District launched. Consumer reviews of the ShopRunner service have since risen from a 40% satisfaction rate to 92%. 

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