Explorations in omnichannel commerce

From crowdsourced stylists + personalized product curation to apps and in-store product recognition, we had a lot of fun with Target.

Lookbook with Target

Lookbook learned customer preferences, made style recommendations + enabled Target customers to curate collections of product in-store.

And if you read the fine print, Fast Company called Lookbook’s interface ‘dead-simple and elegant,’ that’s music to any UX architect’s ears.

Crowdsourced stylists and personalized product curation.

The Result –

A delightful sense of style and community.

In this age of social sharing + creative class, Target has continually found ways to connect. Starting with its limited-time offer collections with high-profile design stars, they’ve made style both inspiring and accessible for nearly everyone.

We suggested they up the ante and make high-profile design stardom accessible to all the style-lovers. An important part of our mission has been to empower consumers to become producers, to live creatively and contribute culturally. The Lookbook experience served this dual intent. As a shopper, you can style a product of interest with a collection of recommended complementary products. You can also build collections to suggest style complements. Most-loved collections are featured, new style stars are made–a fun and inspiring customer experience. More product finds its way into the perfect spot in someone’s life–a big win for Target.

Rolling out of Lookbook and into Cartwheel

Cartwheel’s v2 was largely about personalized product collections.

In this redesign of Target’s Cartwheel app, guests browse collections of product to take advantage of real-time discount pricing.

Our efforts to make Cartwheel more personalized have contributed to the great success of the app, which now has more than 25 million users and has generated more than $3 billion in promotional sales for Target.
- Eddie Baeb


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