Meet the smartphone+

Customize any Moto Z phone with Moto Mods that reflect the things you love.

Moto Mods transform your phone into an entirely new device–a Hasselblad super zoom camera, a JBL boombox, a projector and more

This Tech Not Only Transformed Moto Phones, It Transformed the Org + Its Entire Information Architecture

Start with Onboarding Experiences 

Mod installation is as simple as snap, tap and done.

The magnetic Mod devices snap onto the back of the phone, then they’re immediately recognized. Tap the screen for the one-time setup, then the functionality is ret to go for the long haul.

Our UX challenge was to design for clarity, simplicity and cohesion across a series of acknowledgements, permission updates and first-run tutorials .

Extending Through Brand, Content Strategy and Ecommerce

Configurable product options are always a unique challenge. Technically it’s a little more to manage, conceptually customers have more to consider, and the catalog is significantly more robust. My role was specifically focused on–

  • Information architecture definition across site map, navigation, personalized product recommendations, cross- and up-selling opportunities
  • Product configurator architecture and interaction design updates
  • Interaction design for online marketing of Mod capabilities
  • Checkout flow strategy to accommodate new product line and up-selling opportunities

Design + Innovation Awards for Moto Mods

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