Creative Leadership Coaching

Develop new competence, get past barriers in aspects of your life, and open new possibilities for growth.

 Coach support to develop your leadership capacity + possibilities for creative growth

If you’ve worked with me in the last decade, you know that my top priority as a design leader has been to develop mindful and innovative teams that continually break through to deliver inspiring work. So it may not come as much of a surprise that I’ve made it official –

To extend my creative direction, teaching, and management practices, I just received my Professional Coaching Certification to more intentionally support creative leadership. 

Through this work, my clients receive support in developing new competence, getting past barriers in aspects of life, and opening new possibilities for growth. We create space and momentum for personal development, and find fulfillment in creative transformation.

If you’re interested in my support for your development as a creative leader, send a note below. Please let me know a little more about your work and goals, as well as how you’d like to be supported, and we’ll find some time to discuss next steps.

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