Product Design with Purpose

Neurohacking peace of mind with modern materials and ancient healing systems, biometric management for peak performance, innovative environments to connect cultures, AI coaching to find our blind spots, virtual realities to expand horizons, and commerce that builds community–

We’re living at a remarkably creative time in which some of our greatest work empowers tremendous personal growth.

In this workshop, we’ll focus at the intersection of product design and purpose. We’ll explore emergent trends in the market, guiding principles in ethics and sustainability, and design methods to develop outstanding products.


By the end of this course, we’ll be able to:

1. Identify empowering trends that create new opportunities in our product and service landscape.

2. Analyze product segments and community objectives that deliver enhanced consumer experiences through both innovative function and form.

3. Develop strategies for new product and service opportunities that satisfy your customers’ needs in distinctive, noteworthy new approaches.

4. Execute design tactics, production planning, and marketing strategy for a new product opportunity to target the modern market.

8-Week Course Calendar

Weeks 1-2: Ideation + market validation

Week 3: Product plan

Week 4-5: Prototype development

Week 6-7: Product-market fit pursuit

Week 8: Product roadmap


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